Live Scat Fetish,

Haircolor: Dark blond
Weight: 58 kg
Gender: female
Age: 39
Height: 170 cm
Figure: average
Country / Zip Code: DE / 50xxxx
Zodiac: Schuetze
Rating: SternSternSternSternNichts

– Strict upbringing – verbal ***********, ***********s – training for pleasure servant – Facesitting – Bondage, bondage – breath control mild to extreme ******* and ******* – whip, caning, Genital Whip – Strap-on, Anal, Fisting – Performance, make-Show-public – Rental and release to public uses – Cuckolding – Bi-training – training for toilet slave training, pain slave training – Petplay – Various role-playing games – Adult Baby – feminization, *****d – whores Education – *****skorset****ungen – current stimulation treatment – Testicular / tail / Nipple ******* – O control, *****sentsamung – dwarf fetish – pee-intensive, KV, Vomit excesses and *****d recording – Chastity – *****d Diet – ******** – Foot, High Heels and Nylon Adult

About Amateur :
I am a very experienced, passionate, and dominant mistress, who very well knows how little pathetic weighting dwarfs, as you are one, to heel and to use for their purposes. I understand very well on forming small loser all the way to my desires and to punish. Willing or TS horny fucking bitch mares are due to me! Then I heard your ass, I`m going to fill any time due! That makes me that much fun!

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